Fine Cigar AZ (Last Rites)

Black Label Trading Company Last Rites Cigar

"The Black Label Trading Company is the work of owner James Brown and the philosophy that less is more. BLTC limits production of its cigars to a 1000 or less boxes per year. The Cigar in this review is the Last Rites and is produced in Nicaragua from Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos and is limited to 500 boxes per year.


The first thing you will notice about the cigar is the striking bands. The main band calls out the name of the company and has a beautiful company logo. The foot band has the name of the cigar. A note on the foot band on both the cigars smoked for this review when the foot band was removed before lighting the cigar it pulled part of the wrapper off due to the glue used to attach the band being excessively applied. The cigar has great feel to it and the wrapper has some tooth to it with very minimal veins, the seams on the cigar are near perfect. The cigar has a nice weight to it and feels well balanced in hand. The wrapper is a dark chocolate brown color and has a fair amount of oils on it. The cigar is capped by a well applied double cap and has a clean cut foot."

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