Bourbon & Broadleaf (Last Rites)

"This was the best boxed press cigar I have ever had…period. After smoking the Black Label Trading Company’s (BLTC) Benediction I was very excited for BLTC’s Last Rites.  It seems the Last Rites cigar is the cigar of cigars at BLTC.  This cigar is a rare small batch with a Nicaraguan and Honduran Filler. A Honduran binder and topped off with a very dark brown aged Ecuadorian Maduo wrapper.  In fact, this cigar is so small batched that BLTC only makes 500 boxes a year of this amazing smoke.  Get them while they are hot!

As mentioned on BLTC’s website, the complex layers really are unforgettable.  I tend to lean more towards full bodied cigars, so this was right in my wheel house of flavor and taste.  Great smooth earthy tones and a bit of spice are noted in the Nicaraguan and strong Honduran tobacco filler.  Do not smoke this cigar on an empty stomach because it will deliver a knock out punch to you.  Make sure you are prepared because this cigar is the extreme opposite of light and fluffy."

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